Hello Happy Trees

Being around nature is not only refreshing and relaxing for our bodies but science has it, plants actually make us feel better. Even the slightest exposure to greenery can help lower blood pressure, increase attentiveness, raise productivity, improve well-being, lower levels of anxiety. Spending more time indoors is only strengthening our disconnect with plants that benefit us.

Hello Happy Trees is an attempt to bring people closer to nature and help have a more meaningful and personal relationship with the treasures of the earth. It is an initiative to create awareness about how plants around us impact human life. Like a mother who notices her child when he or she is hurt, a father remembers your achievements, a friend calls you at 12 to wish you on your birthday – Hello Happy Trees is manifested in this idea of noticing and caring and building a connect on with a loved one.

Bringing to you, activities that help you engage with your surroundings and say hello to your trees!

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  • For: Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology
  • Date: 2016
  • Service: Publication Design, Illustration