Sarai - for life's toughest journeys

Part of the Creative Million Mission initiated by Industree Foundation that sought to organize close to 1300 women in the Channapatna - Mandya area of Karnataka into enterprises that they own, Sarai was built to provide market support to the artisans and add value to the local indigenous craft of hand embroidery.

Sarai brought together diverse communities of women artisans who now work together in integrated value chains of value added textiles; through hand embroidery and surface treatment to making apparel.

By stitching together a production center for value added apparel in Channapatna, a decentralized model was constructed to reduce travel time for our producers. So that they’re closer to their homes – their happy place.

Introducing our Autumn / Winter 2018 collection ‘Daily Minimal’, inspired by geometry and minimalism rooted in contemporary India. Special edition designed as part of Undergrad Thesis Project 2017 by students at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology.

Textile design by Sneha Doshi, Karishma B.C, Sushmita Goswami, and Sushmita Hatte. Hand-crafted by women artisans in Channapatna.

Check out my process blog here, available for viewing on request.

  • For: Srishti School of Art, Design & Technology
  • Date: 2017
  • Service: Visual Identity, Branding, Strategy